12/02/13- Paula's Eating/Exercise Journal: Thursday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 3. December 2013 14:41


Fish oil can help prevent inflammatory disease as well as good heart health.  You can get the recommended amount if you eat fatty fish (high in omega-3) at least twice a week.  Wild caught salmon, egg yolks, and grass-fed beef are good examples.  It can also be found on some nut oils, vegetable oils, (flaxseed, or linseed- try Uda oil which is found in the refrigerator aisle at health food stores)

Fish oil can lower triglycerides (plays a role in high cholesterol), help prevent heart disease, slow the buildup of plaques that cause hardening of the arteries and may help reduce blood pressure (everyday health-12/2/10).  It can also reduce inflammation that leads to diabetes.  http://www.cincinnati.md/articlepage_cn.aspx?cn-documentid=642831&query=fish oil benefits=1&cat=con

You can try a fish oil supplement if you don’t like seafood.  I recommend that you invest in a good quality product because it can reduce the smell that some people complain seeps through your pores or are belched up.  Most nutritionist prefers you get omega 3’s from food.  Do what’s convenient, affordable, and works for you.

As always check with your doctor to make sure that any supplements don’t have any negative interactions with drugs you may be taking.


Thursday 12/02/10- Workout Diary:

Strength train-Body Bootcamp with trainer

20 seconds on/10 seconds off (as many reps as youc an)- 6 sets

High intensity jumps over stick 4 " up off the floor

lying ball throw- above the chest ( 8 lb ball)

sit up reaching behind then in front holding 12 lb ball

seated overhead triceps extention-12 lb barbell

gladiator squat with 12 lb barbell

cardio blast (1 minute)

chest press on stability ball- 15 lb barbells

biceps curl on Bosu-1 tube

standing chest press- 30 lb

high cable back pull- 40 lb plates

bent over triceps extention- 1 tube attached to wall

Thursday 12/02/10- Food Diary:


organic steelcut oatmeal (150 cal)

small banana ( 60 cal)

A.M.  Snack-

1 cup pasturized egg whites,1/2 portion protein shake mix (175 cal)


3 oz wild caught salmon (140 cal)

Salad- mixed lettuce, beets, 1/8 cup lentils, 1/2 orange sweet pepper, 1 tbls sunflower seeds (120 cal)

 P.M. Snack-

1 whole wheat totilla, 2 tbls garlic hummus, cucumbers (210 cal)

1 oz dark 98% cocoa chocolate ( 120 cal)


3 oz pork roast (220 cal)

1 cup yellow squash (28 cal)

1medium  sweet potato, sprinkle of cinnamon (10 cal)


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