1/5/15 Kate's Healthy Eating Journal: Wednesday

by Katie (Jenny Craig 2009 Poster Girl) 5. January 2014 19:25

Something I realized with my own experience conceiving:  people are going to have a lot of opinions about your child during the pregnancy and once they're born.  In one of my books on babies it gives the advice of just letting it roll of your shoulders.  I think this is great advice.  I had a lot of difficulty with this when I had all those pregnancy hormones but I'm trying to be better now.  Sometimes it still grates on my nerves when other people try to tell me what to do with my son but I try to tell myself it's just because they love him and shake it off.  Haha, my book said, just tell yourself a lot of older peoples' advice is probably "old school" anyway because a lot changes on how to take care of babies in just a short time (ie. whether babies should sleep on their back vs. tummy).  But, when it comes to your child's name or the way you want certain things done I've learned you have to grow a little backbone and be assertive.  Once, right after we had our son he was screaming crying while someone was holding him.  This person was doing an absolutely wonderful job of trying to comfort him.  After he or she left I burst into tears because I wanted to be the one comforting him.  I felt like I had already learned some "tricks" for holding him and wanted to take him but felt like I would insult he or she by taking him.  Ridiculous.  I needed to be more assertive period.

 It's your baby and sometimes the parent just knows best.  This also goes for the child's name.  People can feel very compelled to call your child by another name if it's one they like better.  For example, if you name him Andrew or Matthew they want to call him Drew or Matt.  My thought is, if the child wants to be called something else that's fine; if another person tries to just change the name the parents want him or her to be called because they don't like it, I don't think that's very respectful.  Again, be assertive.  It's your baby.  You carried that child for 10 months.  End of story.  There should be no more question about what the name is after you tell them.   


Breakfast - 

JC Breakfast Stuffed Sandwich

1 cup fat-free organic milk


Lunch - 

JC Cheesy potatoes and chicken

Carrots with fat-free ranch

Snack - 


Dinner - 

JC Spaghetti and Meatballs

Salad (mixed greens, peppers, mushrooms) 2 tbsp. light ranch

Snack -

JC Cheese Curls

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